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      Call of duty vs pubg mobile

Hey what is going on guys and thanks for reading my article  if you’ve read variety of my articles before you’ll know I play many various battle royale games on a daily day basis these games range from pub G mobile to fortnight mobile two rules of survival – even now Call of Duty Mobile’s fresh battle royale mode yes Call of Duty mobile within the near past  got released during a beta version and today what we’re visiting be doing is comparing this amazing game side-by-side to an extended time champ pub G Mobile which game is healthier we’ll pub G mobile finally be dethrones and placed within the number two position i suppose we’ll know so yes I hope you enjoy this text Ii might greatly appreciate it if you took just two seconds and left variety down below and take my channel for more pub G and Call of Duty mobile contents my next Call of Duty mobile article are are out literally tomorrow and my next pub G mobile article is out some days later activate my post notifications and let’s jump into this so to createe a decent comparison we would like to match these games during a only a few other ways since this could be a battle royale specific comparison we’re not visiting take into accounts the other game modes these games have we all know pub G is largely a battle royale specific game ,, and Call of Duty has many alternative gamese mod ,, soo if you compared them that way it really wouldn’t be too fair so regardingf battle royale what I’ve come up with is thee following in-game features speed of gameplay level of player engagements FPP vs. TPP modes weapon physics map features customizability and graphics all of these different aspects are addressed comprehensive and hopefully from this we’ll kicked off with a transparent winner on what battle royale is best to start out out things off let’s get into overall in-game features of both games if you’ve played.

Battle pass and members:

These games before you’ll know what I’m talking about so both games have relatively similar weapons both games have something that fly over the m ,, andd you’ll drop whereve ,  you’d like both games have zones that get smaller and smaller and hurt you if you’re left outside both have a battle pass and both games have a customary goal for you or your team to be the last one standing however, are often  where their similarities ends pub G Mobile on one hands is also a really traditional boots-on-the-ground battle royale with familiar features everyone can obtain quickly Call of Duty mobile on the other hands has more aspects to make the game different there are six default classes as an example where you’ll need a default perk set to your player when you’re along with your team one person are often the defender who can place a shield down for his team another are often a medic and deploy endless healing station for his team and heavy gunfire even still another can be a ninja and use a grapnel to climb atop buildings fast that’s really cool and who can forget you’ll upgrade.


These classes in-game there are automatic customizable call-outs within the sport between you your teammates and nearby enemies providing a more immersive experience its sort of a rather more advanced version of what pub G has and to feature on top of all of this Call of Duty mobile has something called dog tag review

here if a teammate gets killed they have something called a dog tag appear on their body and if you decide on it up off your teammates they’re going to move down from a cargo plane that flies over the map every once during a very while again something very characteristic of Call of Duty games.

Speed of Gameplay:

However pub G does have some unique things – which we won’t regress from that now we are able to discuss speed of gameplay after playing pub G for over a year and Call of Duty mobile extensively over the past few days, I can say one thing’s sure with both games they’re very intense however, the way they’re intense is incredibly different,t there’s little to argue against the easy undeniable fact that pub G Mobile is also a far slower paced game if you modify posture into a relatively hot area like Pacinoo or novao you will find some tea yes but after the beginning of the game there will be an enormous span of your time whene you may not get that much action on the typical on the typical that’s the key only until much later when the circle gets pretty small will you encounter more enemies on the other hand on the typical with Call of Duty’s unique classes new vehicle’ss sort of a helicopter and also the more arcadey feeling to the game this battle royale feels more fast-paced whereas with Puseyy mobile you’ll expect a game to last upwards of 40 minutes or even longer in Call of Duty mobile most of the time games will last 20 minutes give or take some however, that’s not always an honest thing if you’re wanting a more competitive experience an extended match might encourage be more significant to you and you’ll want to try and do harder because of this pub G is also a bit more competitive both games have similar looting mechanic , but lutes is more prevalent in Call of Duty mobile so people will get weapons quicker and thus the sports may be a touch faster running speed is a pretty simila , but if you have got got that ninja class founded after all you may be massively faster in Call of Duty mobile There also are lots more vehicles spawns in Call of Duty mobile on the common moreover.


so I do not know Ii must hear your tackle it do you like shorter matches or longer matches regarding player engagements for your overall average player I would say that call of Duty wins this one in every, of course, there are pros who get super into pub G mobile and will play for hours on end and that Ii gets that I’m honestly probably one in every of those that would play for hours on end, and never get bored, but take grade 15 players in both games as an example they’re not an expert but just an informal gamer you’re visiting seem at a game like a pub G mobile and see more basic items in its more basic gameplay mechanics and a slower match than in Call of Duty mobile I need for a mean player they’ll be more gravitated toward Call of Duty mobile because it’s just more action, however,r that’s not always the case for somebody like me as I said earlier or many the people watching this text actually like spending time enjoying the map and gearing up.


 I need pub G Mobile really gets that aspect spot-on it’s enjoyable to loot within the sport which isn’t always the case in Call of Duty mobile because of this within the short term people will probably be more interested in Call of Duty mobile,e there’s really no denying that’s but within the long run though Ii don’t know if that feeling of eager to find action to stay happy will continue pub G since you’re happy the entire match even once you aren’t in action which can influence be better for it we’ll should see what happens now both games have TPP and FPPp which game does it better so during this text you’ve seen some gameplay from my asks rog phone this could be one in every of your top-of-the-line gaming phones and it’ll run both games just about pretty much as good as they’ll possibly be you’ll notice though that the sport playy is , ”t as smooth nose to nose on Call of Duty mobile compared to pub G Mobile it’s interesting to note this because I actually feel the game runs smoother on first-person in Call of Duty mobile in contrast.


However, FPP has no lag spikes in either game so if you were to look at it both ways to play it’s like pub G wins this round Ii assume it’s sensible it is the game that’s been out for over a year they’ve had bug fixes for over a year considering Call of Duty mobile is, ”t even officially released.

yet we have to permit them some credits Ii hasn’t found many bugs yet and things are running really smoothly they’ve done a wonderful job weapon physics are very different with both games contrary to other battle royale games that have non-realistic weapon mechanics both of these games strive to be somewhat realistic if you were to snipe someone is 300 meters away in both games you’ll have to steer your shot in both games I actually want things are harder in Call of Duty mobile because weapons are less accurate now this may well be because I’ mm playing on an Indian serve.


I have the subsequent ping but it’s interesting regardless take an m4 in both games and take a look at to hit someone from 400 meters away if they’re standing still and this doesn’t really should do with ping in any respect you’ll easily hit all of your shots in pub G but in Call of Duty that’s not always the case this game takes into consideration that only snipers should be used at that rang, and it’ll limit what your other weapons are capable of SMGs should be used at a close range and you’d not be able to use a UMP comparable weapon in Call of Duty mobile at long range it simply won’t hit the enemy call of duty mobile has an option for players to use autofire which I’m really not a disciple of pub G mobile doesn’t so big props there too.


Now both games have skins you’ll obtain and apply to your weapons to customize your gameplay experience slightly bit more i’ve ought to mention Call of Duty mobile skins are likely to look cooler over time just because if I examine the skins of weapons in regular Call of Duty games they’re probably the best looking weapon skins out there both games have pretty similar attachments in-game from different sites to suppressors to extended mags but Call of Duty has different rarity levels more the same as fortnight’s in pub G if you decide up an m4 it’ll be the identical rarity level to an m24 and that is all because guns are balanced around base stats in Call of Duty mobile if you discover a gold as50 from an airdrop you’re way happier than someone with a gray xpr-50 guns are balanced based off of rarity and therefore the gold and purple weapons are therefore visiting be the simplest sometimes though rarity is not an honest thing i do know many folks who played both fortnight and pub G for long periods of your time and hate fortnight thanks to the weapon rarities.

so what does one consider it in Call of Duty does one prefer it does one hate it let me know both games have great Maps man let me tell you i actually enjoy playing on both games because the maps are unique refreshing each and each match and large enough to create it so you do not should elbow your way through enemies or angle and pub G is my favorite map in this game we’ve got to notice that pub G currently has several different Maps our angle Miramar San Hawk and Vic nd that’s for various since and you’ve got a troublesome time losing interest of the sport thanks to that decision of Duty mobile on the opposite hands has just one map and there’s a danger lurking around its players could get bored kinda quickly since that is the just one they will play on however the dev saw through this and that they ended up creating one {in all|one amongst|one in every of} the best maps out there in a battle royale game it’s beautiful there is not any denying that there are different regions sort of a grassland or desert region like in fortnight’s I mean fortnight doesn’t need another map they simply make the map dynamic and ever-changing so what’s this a Call of Duty doesn’t try this further Call of Duty mobile takes aspects from multiple different previous Call of Duty games so that they know the Maps work well that’s definitely a significant plus there’s such {a lot|most} loot everywhere within the maps and crates spawn everywhere providing even more goodies for us so there is not any shortage of exploration and interest within the Call of Duty mobile map .

i’ve got to mention though on behalf of me personally i favor more maps better than one so i feel pub G wins this one but what does one guys think now customizability and graphics are very different on both games I remember once I did a pub G versus fortnight article a few year ago now I said how pub G was the more realistic looking game out of the 2 but guess what this has now changed Call of Duty is far and away the foremost realistic looking game out of the three it’s in game graphics never seen before on any battle royale game not one one Call of Duty mobile has the simplest graphics out of any battle royale game arguably out of any battle royale period mobile PC console etc – battlefields and call of duty black ops 4 blackouts customizability may be a little different though both games allow you to customize placement of your controls so you’ll play along with your thumbs or claw method whatever one you decide on and honestly both games have such similar customizability it’s impossible to decide on one over the opposite pub G and Call of Duty Thai this rounds within the end both games are headed by the identical company ten cents when the identical company lands up supervising over the event of two different games you finish up with quite an lot of the identical aspects someone who plays Call of Duty mobile will pretty quickly learn the way to play pub G mobile well and someone who plays pub G mobile well will pretty quickly learn the way to play call of duty mobile well that’s a lot of Wells but you get the concept both games are incredible battle Royales with loads of amazing features and unique things to create them stand out against all the opposite thousands of clones out there if you’ve got to decide on one or the opposite you cannot get it wrong with either you’ll enjoy both of them for hundreds and many hours however it does seem that pub G Mobile has some catching up to try to to as of immediately pub G Mobile remains my favorite battle royale but that might be subject to vary if the developers do not get it geared very soon once you compare all the features each game has it seems Call of Duty mobile one ups pub G in almost every different aspect there really isn’t much pub she has that decision of Duty doesn’t have if pub G doesn’t start to create itself different and unique compared to Call of Duty it’s going to meet and unhappy fates I’m hoping that will not happen though and both games will continue on being developed into more and more incredible mobile battle rails with super unique  aspects on either side of the table and providing players with two great options for fun competitive mobile games within the ends which game is healthier i am unable to say but if these two games stay where they’re at straight away and.


therefore the developers of Call of Duty mobile fix all their bugs Call of Duty mobile will actually probably be the winner, for now, it is not though it is a tie the clock is ticking which game is your favorite battle royale let me know down below therewith being said though we’re finished with the article I hope you all enjoyed this text it took an extended time to form so I’d greatly appreciate a like rating down below buy my channel for more awesome pub G and Call of Duty contents lots of it’s coming very soon this summer and do not forget to show on my post notifications thanks for sticking around until the ends and Thanks for reading this article.


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