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Israel’s first flight arrives in the Muslim African country of Morocco

L’Abib: the primary flight from Atlanta to the Muslim African country of Morocco, amid top US and Israeli officials, arrived.

According to the planet press agency , a joint delegation led by Israeli National Security Adviser Mir Bin Shabat and US President Donald Trump’s Middle East Adviser Jared Kushner arrived in Morocco from Tel Aviv to satisfy with the country’s leaders. The king will meet Shah Muhammad.

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This is Israel’s first flight since the Muslim country of Morocco recognized Israel on December 10 as a results of US mediation. the aim of the visit is to finalize agreements within the fields of aviation, tourism, health, water, agriculture et al. .

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Israel’s national security adviser and therefore the US president’s adviser, who led the delegation, told the media before leaving that the visit to Morocco was important for peace and tolerance within the region.

It should be noted that before Morocco, the Islamic countries UAE, Bahrain and Sudan have also recognized Israel and announced the resumption of diplomatic and trade relations and these countries have also opened their air routes to the Israelis.

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