GOOD NEWS 😱 Gmail bring new features || Check out Now

Meeting gmail new feature

In the last few days, Gmail working on new features. so, in the revenge of hard work, Gmail brings those features which cause happiness on the face of peoples.

Recently, Gmail brings these two features :

  • Meeting Mode
  • theme dark mode

Meeting mode consists of two options:

you can;

  • start meeting
  • join meeting

Start Meeting:

The start meeting is an amazing feature. here, you can start meeting  with these options:

  • webcam integration
  • audio integration
  • present computer screen
  • sent links  who want to join your meeting
  • and amazing features

Join meeting:

join the meeting is a simple option. The user who starts meeting he will send you a link you have just click on that link and join the meeting.

  1. Dark Theme:

dark theme is also an amazing feature which recently added by Gmail.

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